About MonU

Our Story


Since 1978, Montgomery United SC, or MonU, has and continues to provide youth in the surrounding areas of Montgomery County with the opportunity to play soccer at competitive and recreational levels. Roger Erb, one of the clubs founders, started with 50 individuals. We now comprise over 2,000 players and their families, with numerous programs to serve all ages and levels of expertise. From the dreams and hard work of our founders we have come to provide a multitude of soccer experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, foster and perpetuate the game of soccer at the youth and adult level, and to foster the physical, mental, and emotional health and development of youth through the sport of soccer. MonU is a multi-level organization designed to offer the sport of soccer to all children regardless of their skill level or commitment, accomplished by offering programs that meet each player’s individual needs.

Executive Board

2024 Board Members

President, Bill Hettel - president@monusoccer.org
Executive Vice President, John O'Rourke - vp@monusoccer.org
VP of Finance/Treasurer, Steve Jacobs - treasurer@monusoccer.org
VP of Communication, - communication@monusoccer.org
VP of Venues, - venues@monusoccer.org
VP of Rec, Bridget Dombroski - rec@monusoccer.org
VP of Competitive, - competitive@monusoccer.org
VP of Volunteers, Lynn Lentz - volunteer@monusoccer.org

Technical Director, David MacWilliams - mac@monusoccer.org
Executive Director of Soccer Operations, Chris Mannon - office@monusoccer.org
Assistant Executive Director of Soccer Operations, Kerryann Sanocki - finance@monusoccer.org

*Montgomery Soccer Association (MonU) is a Non-Profit Corporation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service*