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Montgomery United is proud of our players and teams and appreciates the passion of our parents and spectators and their enthusiasm for the game of soccer.  In an effort to encourage appropriate and productive sideline behavior, and therefore showcase the performance of our athletes both on and off the field, MonU sets forth the following standards or spectator conduct before, during and after matches:

  • Take a position on the opposite half of the field from the opponent’s supporters.
  • Do not address remarks to referees, opposing players or opposing fans.  This does not apply where remarks convey genuine friendship and encouragement.
  • Never use foul or abusive language or obscene gesture.
  • Do not make remarks towards your own team players that make mistakes.  This is the job of the coach.  If you are aware of the error, you may rest assured that the player is also aware.
  • Applaud superior play by both teams.
  • Give consistent support to coaches and managers, whether winning or losing.  Coaches are giving hundreds of hours to their players and are committed to their continued improvement as a coach.  In winning, they deserve your congratulations, in losing, your encouragement.
  • Always stay at least 3 yards away from the playing field.
  • Cooperate immediately with any referee requests.
  • Do not address referees or officials at any time.
  • Avoid comments and gestures that express disagreement with referee calls.
  • Do not attempt to discuss any of the following before, during or after (at least 24 hours) the match:
    • Playing time
    • Position or positions played
    • Strategy or system of play
    • Training methods
    • Referees
    • Other athletes

Persons who cannot conduct themselves in the above manner are not welcome at any MonU event.  For individuals who persist in disrespectful and/or abusive behavior, the following may occur:

  • You will be asked to leave the playing area by a member of the officiating crew (referees).  In this case, play will be suspended until you do so. Failure to respond to such a request within 2 minutes will result in a forfeit for the spectator's team.
  • You will be asked to leave the field and/or facility by a representative of MonU.
  • Any individual removed from a game will be required to serve a minimum one game suspension.
  • Any individual who is removed from a game a second time will be required to meet with a MonU representative to discuss ongoing participation in MonU activities.


We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behavior in the game. This includes the abuse of match officials and the unacceptable behavior of over competitive parents, spectators and coaches on the sideline. Play your part and observe the Code of Conduct in everything you do as a coach at MonU.

On and off the field, I will:

  • Show respect to others involved in the game including officials, opposing players, coaches and spectators.
  • Know and adhere to the laws and the spirit of the game as well as, the policies set forth by the club, state and national associations.
  • Promote Fair Play and high standards of behavior.
  • Always respect the referee’s decisions.Never enter the field of play without the referee’s permission.
  • Never engage in public criticism of the referees.
  • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behavior,

When working with players, I will:

  • Place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each player above everything, including winning.
  • Explain exactly what I expect of players and what they can expect from me.
  • Never engage in or tolerate any form of bullying.
  • Develop mutual trust and respect with every player to build their self-esteem.
  • Encourage each player to accept responsibility for their own behavior and performance.
  • Ensure all activities I organize are appropriate for the players’ age, ability level and maturity.

I understand that if I do not follow the Code of Conduct, any of the following actions may be taken by MonU:

  • I may be required to meet with the club.
  • I may be suspended from attending matches.
  •  I may be required to leave the club.


We have a responsibility to promote high standards of behavior in the game.  As a player, you have a big part to play.  That’s why MonU is asking every player to follow a Code of Conduct revolving around respect.  

When playing soccer, I will:

  • Know the Laws of the Game of soccer and the rules of the league.
  • Wish my opponents good luck, and welcome all visitors on behalf of the club.
  • Take responsibility for my sportsmanship and conduct.
  • Show respect and courtesy to coaches, spectators, teammates and opponents at all times.
  • I will not retaliate when fouled.  Displays of temper will not be tolerated.
  • Avoid overly-aggressive play and never play the game in a way that might cause injury to myself or others.
  • Strive to understand the game, become a strong athlete, learn teamwork and display exemplary sportsmanship.
  • Respect the referees by being courteous and maintaining control of my emotions throughout the game.  I will refrain from making comments or gestures about their decisions during play.
  • Shake hands with my opponents and the referee after the match.
  • Remember that this is a game to be enjoyed by all who participate.
  • Be humble and gracious in victory, but proud and courteous in defeat.    

I understand that if I do not follow the Code of Conduct, any of the following actions may be taken by MonU:

  • I may be required apologize to my teammates, opponent or referee.
  • I may be dropped or substituted.
  • I may be suspended from training or future matches.
  • I may be required to leave the club.


US Soccer Grassroots Coaching Pathway

Free Introductory To Grassroots Coaching Course - This free introductory module, which represents the first step in the newly revised coaching license pathway, is now the general starting point of the pathway and is the required prerequisite to undergo any of U.S. Soccer's Grassroots Licensing Courses. Coaches who complete the module will also be provided with four complimentary Play-Practice-Play training sessions. The module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
Introductory To Grassroots Coaching